Permaculture Design: Collaboration With Architects

As a permaculture designer, I often work closely with architects on new build or renovation projects. I feel that it is very important that designing the build environment go hand-in-hand with designing for the surrounding site.

Unfortunately, all too often, architects only give cursory consideration to landscaping. Though sustainable architects are expert when it comes to other sustainable features like materials and energy use, many overlook the potential to integrate sustainable architecture with sustainable land management and food production.

This is where consultation and collaboration with a permaculture designer (rather than a more traditional landscape architect) can come in. And can potentially yield even more sustainable results.

Integrating sustainable architecture with food production and ecological land management is important to create the healthy homes (and healthy occupants) of the future. And can of course yield a huge range of other benefits, on a micro and macro scale.

Permaculture designers look holistically at a site, and can help to unify an architectural design concept with the surroundings. This can help in creating unified homes and gardens, which are not only sensitive to the ecology of an area, but which also make for a better quality of life.

Architects (and their clients) can also reap the benefits of a holistic permaculture landscaping design when it comes to the planning process. Planners may look more favourably on a bold sustainable building design if the holistic vision for the whole of the site has been more clearly expressed.

I can offer clients the opportunity to bring together these two design disciplines, by working alongside an architect already hired for a build. I can also work for architects, so they can offer their clients a more whole-systems service.

If you are having a sustainable home designed, or are an architect looking for a permaculture designer who can offer more than just a traditional landscape architecture design, please do get in touch so we can discuss your project and how I may be able to help.

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