The Benefits of Forest Bathing

Today was the last day of my two week break from work. This morning we finished the latest project on our barn conversion – putting the first coat of clay plaster on the flat ceilings and sloping sides of the upstairs rooms.

I cleaned out the rescue hens, and did a little work in the garden. Then, after a couple of busy weeks, we spent some relaxing time in the garden just chatting and enjoying the abundant nature around us.

It was very warm in the sun so we moved into the shade beneath the trees, and chilled out below the green canopy. I do try to take some time now and then to truly appreciate where we are lucky enough to live. And to appreciate the natural world around us. Wherever we live, we should all take the time to do the same.

A spot of forest bathing can improve the mood, reduce stress, and help you feel more grounded. This afternoon has certainly been refreshing, and I am now ready and rested and looking forward to getting back to work.

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