There Is More to Productive Gardening than Just Food

As I have mentioned before on this site, a garden can be far richer in resources than many people imagine. And even if you do not have a garden, nature in your surroundings may afford more opportunities for foraging than you might think.

When we look around us, we find that the plant life around us can be used in many different ways. And this is important, because making use of natural resources means we can reduce our reliance on damaging systems, and begin to live in a more sustainable way.

I grow plenty of food in my own garden. But I also like to think about how I can make use of plants in other ways.

Here is an article outlining just some of the:

Non-Food Resources I Grow in My Garden

When I tend my own garden over time, I try to think about the diverse uses of the many different plants it contains – both those I have cultivated and those which just arrive.

While we are not quite at the stage yet with our slow, self-build barn conversion to actually fit out and furnish the space, I already have plenty of ideas for using natural resources from the garden in a range of ways…

Thinking about non-food resources is also very important in my design work. I am always seeking new ways to make a piece of land work with nature, while working to provide as much as possible for all its inhabitants. If you are interested, please get in touch and I would be glad to share more ideas for your own garden, and what it could provide.

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