Case Study: Front Yard Farm

This group of seven front yards in Illinois will soon become a front yard farm, growing a range of produce for the seven households (of 15 people). Seven front yard ‘fields’ will be tended by the farmer, living at lot 3 on the above plan. And his garage will become a hub for the farm’s operations. The neighbour at lot 2 is also interested in helping with the upkeep of the small front yard farm.

The three front yards on the northern side of the street are sunny, and can be used to grow a range of warmer climate crops, while the shadier north facing front gardens on the south side of the street can be used to grow a range of leafy crops in polyculture plantations. Suggested planting for each of these gardens was provided to the client.

Rain gardens, fruiting hedgerows, and a small forest garden area along the sidewalk are other elements of this design. (Developed with agreement from the local authorities.) These features will complement the existing street trees.

This plan shows how one person reaching out to others around them can make a big difference in their community. If you would like to do something similar, it all begins with getting the conversation started. If your neighbours and local authorities/ HOAs are on board, I can help you come up with a design. If you are interested in this idea and would like to engage my services, please do get in touch.

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