A Garden For Outdoors Recreation

If you have a larger garden, it is worthwhile thinking, when creating a design, not just about all the food you can grow but also how you and your family and friends will use the space. Being able to spend some time in your garden and have some fun can be just as important for your health as eating right.

Of course, for most of us, a garden for outdoors recreation will have a space where we can sit, and a space to eat al fresco. It may also often include a space where we can cook outdoors. I’ve written before about the sustainable options when it comes to getting these areas ready.

But there are also plenty of other features which we can consider including in gardens for outdoors recreation. We might, for example, include a space for kids or pets to run around. It is important to remember that a play area certainly does not have to be a mono-crop grass lawn. An occasionally-mowed wildflower meadow or ‘wild’ and wonderfully weedy lawn can be ideal.

But woodlands and forest gardens can also be wonderful spaces for child’s play. They can be great for den-building, climbing trees, and other natural fun. People often say they need a ‘lawn’ for their kids. But kids can have a lot more fun in more natural, eco-friendly and abundant environments. The right pathways and structures in a woodland or forest can make a wonderful play zone. And landscaping, building into slopes etc. can give a range of options.

One final thing to consider (especially in warmer climate zones) is that water can be great for outdoors recreation. A large pond, or a natural swimming pool, can be wonderful for larger properties, and really enrich the space and allow for wild swimming, or even boating, over the summer months.

If you are interested in creating a pond or natural pool, or enhancing your garden for outdoors recreation in other ways, please do get in touch.

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