Sourcing Seeds For Your Sustainable Garden

If you have decided to sow some seeds this year, but have not yet sourced your seeds, time is of the essence. It’s certainly not too late to get growing if you have not done so already. As many of you already know, growing at least some of your own food and other resources at home is one of the best ways to move towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of life.

Where you source your seeds will of course depend on where you live. It is important to source seeds from as close to home as possible for best results. I would always recommend, if at all possible, that you opt for organic, heritage seeds whenever you can.

I source seeds through a local seed network, from Organic Gardening Catalogue, and from Real Seeds here in the UK. I also collect some of my own seeds from the plants I grow in my garden each year.

I know that some people have had some trouble getting the seeds they would like this year. Garden companies have, like last year, been very busy and some smaller companies have struggled to keep up with increased demand. Overall, this is a really good thing. But it can be frustrating if you cannot get hold of the seeds you would like.

If you have had some trouble sourcing seeds, here are some avenues to explore:

  • Join gardening clubs or garden networks in your area, which often have seed swaps, or forums where you can ask other gardeners whether they have excess seeds to spare.
  • Reach out on online gifting or ‘freeconomy’ sites to ask for the seeds or plug plants you need in your local area.
  • Ask around with any gardening family, friends or neighbours, to see if anyone can spare any of the seeds you need.
  • In extremis, consider saving the seeds from organic produce that you buy. (Results can vary, but it could allow you to at least get growing.)
  • Remember that if you can’t get hold of seeds, you may still be able to populate your garden with plants regrown from kitchen scraps. This is another way to get growing in the meantime before you can get your hands on some specific seeds.

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