Case Study – Wetlands and Farm

This case study may be of interest because it shows how productivity and high yield can go hand in hand with rewilding and ecosystem conservation. The area where the ponds system is shown may be of particular note.

At present, this area (and some of the field behind in where an agroforestry orchard is shown) is boggy and under-utilised rough grassland. It was formerly used as pasture but has not been used for much at all in quite some time. The land water-logs and a standing body of water appears periodically in the area where the largest pond is shown, largely disappearing over the summer.

In this suggested plan, a series of permanent ponds (of varying depths) will be created at areas of lowest elevation, with swathes of bog planting between them. These ponds will of course bring a range of ecological benefits, and will also prevent issues with bogginess and occasional flooding around the steading buildings. The ponds and their attendant planting will also improve conditions in the area to the south and are part of works that will make it easier to establish woodland cover on this part of the property.

If you would like further details on this, or any of the other case studies on this site, or would like a design of your own, please do get in touch.

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