Case Study: Riparian Planting and Forest Garden

This plan is for a proposed eco-friendly architectural development in England.

The proposed architectural plan seeks to minimise visual intrusion, and integrate a new home within the existing environment. This plan aims to show how landscaping on the site will further serve to integrate the natural and built environment, while also improving ecological benefit and biodiversity, and maximising carbon sequestration. 

The plan focusses on three key zones:

  • garden grounds immediately around the dwelling, maximised for sustainable living and domestic food production as well as visual amenity.
  • A forest garden zone, for further sustainable food production, with fruit trees planted on contour around the fringes of the highest portion of the site. At the heart of this zone, an area of existing turf vegetation will be retained, and will match the turf roof on the new dwelling, which will disappear into the landscape.
  • Riparian planting along the Bradley Brook – restoration and improvement of existing bank planting with open riparian woodland – rewilding at all tiers from the canopy trees to ground cover layer. This is an important feature of the design. Appropriate native species have been chosen to stabilise the bank and improve ecological function along this waterway. 

The architectural proposal seeks to reduce energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels. And this landscaping design aims to further ecological goals – enabling a sustainable way of life and contributing to carbon drawdown over time. 

The scheme will enable the project not only to allow for household resilience, it will also enhance the amenity for the surrounding community, and play a role in the riparian ecosystem of the brook along the east side of the site. This is crucial for long-term ecological health, flood control etc. in the broader bioregion. 

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