Is Garden Lighting a Good Idea?

Garden lighting is very popular, especially in areas where days can be short in the shoulder seasons. The benefit, of course, is that you can extend the times during which you and your household can enjoy your garden. The right lighting can make your garden a magical place during the evening hours.

But garden lighting is something that is often done wrong. You can definitely have too much of a good thing – or make the wrong choices. Sometimes it does not work from a human perspective. Sometimes, which is more concerning, it can pose a problem for wildlife in your area – disrupting natural systems.

First of all, of course, good and eco-friendly garden lighting will be powered from renewable energy sources. In many cases, simple solar lighting can work well, and be relatively inexpensive. If run from mains power, it is important to consider where the supply comes from, and to switch to a supplier which offers 100% renewables where possible.

It is best to have lighting that won’t remain on all night. And will not be motion sensing – popping on with every movement outside. This can disturb wildlife and bring problems for those creatures with whom you share your space. Think about the impact that lighting will have on nocturnal creatures.

Also – word of warning. If you do decide to add some subtle solar powered lighting for evening enjoyment – wildlife might fight back!

Soon after we moved into our own house, it was decided that some fairy lights strung in a tree would be nice. But just a few months later, they stopped working. And soon after that, we determined the culprit – a woodpecker! The woodpecker perceived the wire as a worm or something and would not leave it alone until the strand was entirely ripped down.

So that is another way in which you need to consider wildlife when thinking about whether garden lighting is a good idea.

Garden lighting is something which has to be considered carefully, and it is important to think about light pollution before you make the choice. Sometimes, less is definitely more when it comes to garden lighting – and without lighting, you might be able to sit back and enjoy the stars…

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