Case Study: Oregon Permaculture Garden

The primary goals for this permaculture design were to create a plan that would allow the residents of this historic property in coastal Oregon to grow food and other resources for themselves and guests that they will welcome onto the site in a sustainable way.

The goal was also to create a garden that could be used as a demonstration site for permaculture living, and the return to a typical 19th Century lifestyle of food production, preservation and cooking, and natural crafts. 

Plant suggestions were tailored so as to allow for as much food and as many other useful natural materials as possible. And also to enhance the visual amenity and make this a pleasant place for weddings and other events. (Further details and plant selections were of course included in the report delivered alongside this visual design.)

Working around existing buildings, trees and hedgerows, the design centres around an area of annual polyculture beds for intensive food production. This area in the centre of the back yard will serve as the main centre for annual food production.

Further areas for polyculture food production are suggested in the small front yard, and along the driveway on the western edge of the property. And I have made suggestions as to the enrichment of other areas with further edible perennials and forest garden planting between and around the fruit trees and other trees already on the property.

The forest garden zone to the east of the annual polyculture beds will also serve as an addition forage area for the chickens that are already kept in this area.

If you are interested in a similar permaculture garden design for your home/ business or home business, please do reach out. Share your goals and location and I can send you a questionnaire so we can discuss creating your design.

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