Snow and Frost in the Forest Garden

The forest garden does not, perhaps, look at its best at this time of the year. Nor is it at its most productive. But there is a beauty to the garden in the winter too. Here are few pictures I took on Friday night, to capture the snowy scene before it all melts, as it is due to do over the next few days.

The view to the south west across the fields.

Buds on the mahonia look incongruous alongside the snow.

The evergreen Elaeagnus provide some lush green foliage.

And the rosemary on the edge of the forest garden stands out really lush and green against the snow and bare branches.

The temperatures here when these pictures were taken were hovering around zero and just below. Cold enough to make this trip into the garden a rather short one. But I thought some of you may enjoy seeing a few images of the forest garden at this time of the year. A stark contrast to what it looks like in summer!

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