Simple Lavender Beeswax Balm

Lip balm is very easy to make from a range of natural ingredients.

One way to live more sustainably is to make your own balms, soaps and other cleaning and beauty products. Making your own and taking a DIY approach obviously means that you will buy less (and won’t bring more packaging into your home. It also means that you will be able to avoid harmful or polluting ingredients. And you will know exactly what your natural products have in them.

One product that I find it helpful to have on hand at this time of year (especially when spending time outside in inclement weather) is a natural balm that I make.

This simple balm is great for dry lips, or dry skin on the hands. It contains just four simple ingredients:

  • Beeswax
  • Almond oil (or another carrier oil)
  • Lavender essential oil
  • A dash of honey

The honey does separate over time, but I make small amounts at one time, so it is usually used up before this becomes an issue. You can vary the proportions of the beeswax and the oil to make a firmer or softer balm depending on your preference. The almond oil can be switched out for other oils.

You can also add a couple more or a couple fewer drops of the essential oil, or choose a different essential oil if you prefer. Just make sure you test with a small amount of the balm to check for allergies or intolerances before you use more of it.

This is a flexible recipe to which you can add or subtract as you see fit. Often, experimentation is better than following a specific recipe because it means you can use natural ingredients to make results that suit you.

This really is a simple natural balm, that I find helps with dry skin caused by the winter weather. Whatever recipe you decide to follow initially, be sure to experiment a little to find the perfect mix for you.

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