Case Study: Sustainable Community of Kin Domains, Jamaica

The image above is part of a permaculture plan for a retreat of around 20 acres, and a further 30 acres divided into 15 two acre kin domains or family homesteads. A sustainable project in Hanover county in Jamaica. Designed to protect, restore and nourish people and planet on this 58 acre site.

The site is an idyllic acreage, in this tropical climate zone. Temperatures are warm year round, and suitable for the growth of a wide range of different plants and the rearing of livestock. With its abundant biodiversity and potential for high yields, this site can easily sustain fifteen families in addition to the creation of the retreat for eco-tourism in the region – not just in the short term but, with careful management, for generations to come.

Around 30 minutes from Montego Bay, and close to two popular zip line and rafting attractions, the property features a perpetual spring, yielding over 50 gallons of cool drinking water per minute. It has a rolling topography and is currently put to diverse uses. Coconut trees, mature lychee trees, pumpkins and pine trees are currently cultivated on the property. Though parts of the site are in production, it would benefit from the insertion of greater biodiversity and a move away from mono-crop cultivation.

Ixtlan is to be a sacred medicine resort and eco community or homestead settlement that will seek to achieve the following goals on this property:

  • Creation of a resort that will welcome up to 20 guests at a time to explore natural healing, wellness, sustainable building and sustainable living.
  • Creation of 15 kin domains or family homesteads that will sustain families for generations to come. (These c.2 acre areas will be for sale or available on 99 year lease for those who seek to be a part of this sustainable community.)
  • Establishment of a community that can be largely self-sufficient and truly stand the test of time.
  • Sustainable production of a wide variety of food, and the generation and careful use of natural and renewable resources.
  • Restoration and protection of areas of natural, native forest, which sustain a diverse range of plant and animal life. Ixtlan will seek to re-imagine and implement new models for building a more resilient future while building real wealth in balance with nature.

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