Sustainable Camping Trips

If you are in the need of a getaway, camping can be the ultimate green and sustainable option. Here are a few tips to help you plan the perfect eco travel adventure:

  • Choose a destination close to home, and off the beaten track.
  • Get there in a sustainable way. (Think about hiking or biking, for example.)
  • Select a campsite that will mean minimal impact on your surroundings. (Whether wild camping or staying on an organised site.)
  • Choose sustainable camping equipment. (For example, when choosing a tent, think about plastic free options, or at least choose tents with longevity and durability in mind.)
  • Take sustainable camping gear with you. (For example, an eco-friendly Biolite camping stove, that runs on wood, rather than a gas stove. Enamel, metal or bamboo plates etc. rather than plastic ones.)
  • Take food with you and cook from scratch with fresh, wholesome, sustainable ingredients, or shop for fresh, local, seasonal, organic produce in the local area. Support local, sustainable businesses.
  • Select activities that are low-impact – enjoying outward bound slow travel adventures and taking time to revel in the natural wonder around you.
  • Make absolutely certain that you leave nothing behind you when out and about in nature – there is no excuse for littering and we all have a responsibility to leave everything as we found it.
  • Be respectful and remember that noise can also be a form of pollution. Keep quiet for the sake of other campers and for the sake of wildlife in the area.

These are just a few tips to help you have sure that your camping adventures are as sustainable as possible. Fortunately, there are more sustainable camping products on the market than ever before, so you should find it quite easy to find the things you need if you do not have them already. Then camping sustainably is easy, as long as you always remember to aim to have as low an impact as possible on your surroundings.

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