Making Natural Cleaning and Beauty Products

The proliferation of products in a typical bathroom can be truly astounding. Plastic bottles filled with a wide range of different cleansers, cleaners, exfoliants, toners, moisturisers, shampoos, conditioners and more can quickly pile up. But for those who are trying to live a more sustainable way of life, natural DIY cleaning and beauty products can provide a solution that won’t cost the earth – literally or metaphorically.

Several years ago, I made the switch to natural products, and many of the things I use are simple, homemade things. It is easier than you might think to reduce plastic waste and harmful pollutants. You can relatively easily and quickly make your own cleaning and beauty products – especially if you have flowers and herbs in your garden that you can use for the purpose.

From simple soaps, to bath bombs and luxurious lotions and balms, there are plenty of recipes to choose from to make your own skin care products and pick-me-ups. I personally don’t worry about wearing make-up. I personally am more of a low-maintenance type person. But you can even make your own make-up if you do choose to wear it.

I use lavender a lot in DIY cleaning and beauty recipes. I also use rosemary and other culinary herbs in such recipes too. (Lavender and rosemary hair rinse is one of my current favourites for my haircare regime.) Sometimes, I also use plants from my garden to make skin care or bath products for friends and family. Last year, for example, I made a simple lavender and honey beeswax balm. And the year before I made some lavender and rosemary bath bombs… and those are just a couple of examples.

There are plenty of ways to be inventive with simple plants, and through experimentation, research and trial and error, you can find the options that are perfect for your skin and your hair.

Need some help to reduce your reliance on harmful, plastic-packaged commercial products? Please do get in touch.

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