Plastic Free Bathroom

Moving away from single use and disposable plastics is something we can all do. But plastic is so ever-present that it can be difficult to know where to start. I find that it can be helpful to think about reducing plastic use inside your home one room at a time. I’ve already written a short post on reducing plastic use in the kitchen. Today, I’d like to take a look at how you can move towards a plastic free bathroom.

Reducing Packaging Coming Into Your Bathroom

Here are some tips to help you reduce plastic packaging in the bathroom:

  • Make your own natural house cleaning products to avoid those plastic bottles and containers.
  • Move to a ‘no poo’ system – to avoid all those shampoo and conditioner bottles.
  • Buy bar soap in plastic-free packaging, or even consider making your own.
  • Consider tooth powders or toothpastes that don’t come in plastic tubes (or again, take a DIY approach and make some yourself).
  • Make your own cleansers, toners, lotions, scrubs, moisturisers, deodorants etc… There are plenty of great recipes out there using natural ingredients – many that you might even be able to grow yourself at home.
  • Buy eco-friendly toilet paper in plastic-free packaging.

Swapping Plastic Products For Alternative Solutions

  • Swap toothbrushes, hair brushes etc. with plastic handles for options made of bamboo or wood. (And even consider options with natural bristles rather than nylon ones).
  • Use natural tooth picks or floss, rather than nylon or other synthetic options.
  • Make your own reusable wet wipes using scrap fabric and Castile soap solution (for example) rather than buying plastic ones.
  • If you need cotton buds, again, chose ones with biodegradable bamboo or wooden sticks. (And choose organic cotton to avoid other impacts on our planet.)
  • Choose a reusable razor, with a wooden handle and metal blades that can be replaced.
  • (For women) Use plastic free sanitary products, such as reusable pads, or a cup.

These are just a few ways to eliminate common sources of plastic waste from a bathroom. Of course, there are always more things to think about. But considering all of the above can take you a long way in the right direction.

3 thoughts on “Plastic Free Bathroom

  1. love this! beautiful pictures, too! going room by room is such a good idea – such a manageable perspective to have. will deffo have to try it!


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