The Spring Harvest – What We’re Eating This Month

To inspire others to take their own home-growing further, every now and then, I would like to share some of what we’re eating from our own permaculture garden here in Scotland. So here are some highlights of the May harvest:

Spring Harvest From the Veg Beds and Polytunnel:

Lettuce (Various types)

Perpetual Spinach


Pak Choi

Baby Leaf Kale/ Cabbages

Mustard Greens

Spring Onions


Mange Tout Peas

First Early Potatoes (Just the first few.)

May Harvest From the Forest Garden:

Hostas (Curled up hostons and young leaves)

Good King Henry (Young leaves and flowering shoots)

Red Veined Sorrel (For a lemony zing in salads)





Nettles (Tips – first five leaves or so, used like spinach.)

Dandelions (Flowers, in fritters)

Ground Elder (Young leaves and stems, stir fried.)

Rosebay Willowherb (Young stems as an asparagus-like vegetable.)

We’re really only just winding up here right now, so there is plenty more to look forward to over the coming months. 

We have the blossom on the fruit trees, that should mean that there are plenty of plums, sour cherries and apples to come.

The oregon grapes are ripening nicely.

And fruits are forming on raspberry canes in the polytunnel. (Those outside are a couple of weeks behind.)

There is plenty of life my gooseberry bushes.

And on the redcurrants and other currant bushes.

There is also plenty in the polytunnel that will be ready to harvest in a month or so, including these broad beans.

Our egg-laying chickens are also hard at work… but I will save their exploits for another post!

Need any advice on how to grow, prepare or cook any of the above? Please do get in touch. And do feel free to share details of what you are growing and eating this month so we can compare. I’d love to hear details of your own unique and productive gardening journey.

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