An Introduction To Permaculture

There are literally thousands of introductions to permaculture online – I myself have written a number of them. But in this post, I want to do something a little different to the norm – I want to talk about how permaculture really makes a difference.

Permaculture is Practical

If you are in any way familiar with permaculture, you will know that it is both a philosophy and a way of life. It is theoretical – and intensely rooted in the practical world. In permaculture design and permaculture practice, the most important thing to remember is that we are not in a fight against nature – we are part of it. Where permaculture differs from many other systems and ideologies is that it is firmly grounded in the real, natural world.

It Synthesises What Is Often Simply Common Sense

The central ethics of permaculture: care for the planet, care for humanity, and fair share (and return of surplus to the system) are all simple things. Sometimes, we have to be reminded of the simple things in life. What permaculture does, so brilliantly, is synthesise the obvious, and bring it to us in an easily understandable and practicable form.

Permaculture Allows and Encourages Adaptation

Permaculture practitioners around the world understand that permaculture is not a series of rules from on high. It is a framework that allows us all to forge a better future in our own way, in our own particular situation and circumstances. While there are certain practices that are highly recommended for many settings, good permaculture design always allows some space for flexibility and good old common sense.

This means that permaculture can be applied all over the world, in a huge range of different ways. This means that it makes far more of a difference than more confining and restricted ideas and practices.

Permaculture Brings People Together

But what permaculture also does brilliantly is bring people together. The word itself is something which can unite people – often from very different backgrounds. Permaculture gives us a common language to speak. It gives us a worldwide community to connect with. And when times get tough, permaculture bonds those who practice it in unique and special ways. It gives us all the common framework we need to act locally, think globally, and forge a sustainable future for us all.

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