Case Study: Water-Wise California Garden

Water-wise gardening is crucial wherever you live. But is especially important, of course, in regions where water-shortage is a particularly pressing issue.

This concept design for a garden in California shows that xeriscaping – or water-wise planting – does not always have to involve vast expanses of paving and gravel and spiky cacti and succulents. With a permaculture approach, water-wise schemes can be far lusher, denser and more welcoming than many may imagine.

Careful plant choices, earthworks, layout etc. can mean that all water available can be caught and stored on the property and used to the fullest.

This preliminary concept design shows features like the native rain garden, swale, wicking beds, shade creating structures and trees, layered planting and ground cover. These are some of the many strategies which can make for a wonderful garden in a warmer and drier Mediterranean climate.

But of course, every garden has its own challenges and opportunities. If you would like some help to manage water wisely in your garden, wherever you live, please do get in touch.

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