Case Study: Cambodian Project

This month has been a little different to many for me because rather than working on a number of smaller designs, I have predominantly been working on the next stage of the large project in Cambodia which I shared before.

Above, you can see a portion of the planting plans for the North Valley areas – areas of forest garden and agroforestry covering 20 plus hectares (over 50 acres) in Kampot, which show major productive tree species, shrubs, and some major under-storey ‘guild’ plants to begin with.

This area is part of the wider planting plan for the north valley, which also includes the gardens around the main hub for the planned eco-resort, terraced permaculture gardens below a series of bamboo lodges to be used as guest accommodation and also the ecosystem restoration camp area to the east.

All of these areas will be surrounded, on the areas of higher elevation, by restored and partially-managed forest into which these areas of planting will merge, including trees such as Albizia ssp. Diospyros ssp., Sindora siamensis, Tectona grandis etc… with fully re-wilded areas on the peaks beyond.

I am afraid I will not be sharing the full plant lists on this site – but if you are interested, please do reach out to me with any particular questions you may have as I offer hourly consultancy, as well as design, to help you with your own specific site, and would also be glad to offer plant suggestions for your site, wherever in the world you may be.

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