Case Study: Community Potager

Not many of us, I think, would be generous enough to give over our own private gardens to community growing. But that is exactly what the client for the design shown above wishes to do.

While they wish to grow food for themselves, they also want to create a space to grow as much food as possible for their neighbours too. They plan to form a small community group, and give keys to a side access to that they can come and go from the garden space whenever they want, in return for helping to maintain the space and grow food. This type of generosity is, I think, something a lot of larger landowners could do very well to emulate!

The back yard space is only around 80 sq m. But currently laid to lawn, with a stone patio to the back of the home (which will be recycled as the pathways), the space could grow quite a lot of food – as the client suggests ‘more than enough to share’.

This is a design for a city garden in England. But the overall design would translate well and also suit, with some modifications, many other locations. It is, of course, inspired by the classic French potager garden, though incorporating a number of permaculture ideas. The formality and order suits a shared space, while also providing an attractive view to look out on.

Whether you are looking to create a food producing garden for yourself and your family, or for your wider community, whether you like order and symmetry, or something much more wild and informal, I can help you with layout and planting for your space. So please do get in touch to discuss a design.

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