Case Study: Connecticut Permaculture Design

This is a design for the garden of a family home in Connecticut, USDA zone 6. The goal was to create a design which maximised food production while also giving visual beauty, benefit to local wildlife, zones for recreation, and plenty of space for children to play.

This garden is for a family of seven, with five young children. So creating spaces for children to play – as well as growing food together with their parents – was a top priority.

The space is currently almost entirely laid to lawn, with a lot of shading from mature deciduous trees outside the property line to the west and south west.

The client was keen to avoid excessive additional shading over most of the garden, and wished to make sure that while the garden should feel enclosed and private, with a lush feel, it should also be relatively open and bright to retain a sense of space.

However, they also wanted to have some shade on the existing patio area. So a wooden pergola with climbing plants is suggested – large enough to accommodate an outdoors dining area for large family gatherings.

They currently use the space a lot for summer entertainment and family parties, very much enjoying time spent around a campfire. So the newly designed fire pit becomes the centre of the space.

If you are interested in a sustainable design for your family garden, no matter where you live, please do get in touch.

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