Case Study: Healing, Herbal Perennial Garden

This is the concept design for a domestic forest garden and herbal garden for a ‘wise woman’ in Northern England. The client approached me to come up with a design which would provide as many perennial food sources and as many culinary and healing herbs as possible.

She plans to set up a workshop at the end of the garden where she will create a range of salves, tinctures and preparations utilising wild plants and plants from her garden, and work on a range of natural crafts.

A key goal for this design was to create a space with a magical feel, crammed with plants with utility and filled with flowers and wildlife throughout the year. The client wished to create a space where time would seem to slow, and where she could relax and unwind. And wanted to include almost exclusively perennial plants, with dense and layered planting.

The design also had to allow access for the client’s partner, who is sometimes in a wheelchair. Decking will allow level access from the back doors of the home straight onto level, flat and wide yet permeable main paths.

The broadly south-facing back garden of approximately 12 x 17.5m is currently mostly laid to lawn, with a slight bank up to the east side, and a dip to the south west which can get a little waterlogged in winter. The soil is a clay-loam and the USDA hardiness zone is 8b, in a valley with micro-climate conditions mediated by surrounding hills.

If you are interested in learning more about the details of this design, or the healing and edible plants included in the full planting plan, please do get in touch.

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