Grow More Fruit in Less Space

As you may have gathered from previous posts, I love to grow plenty of fruit in my garden. In my forest garden, I have many fruit producing plants – from trees, to shrubs – even fruiting ground cover plants.

And I have plans to add even more. I recently purchased a few extra additions (including some ground cover raspberries, for my forest garden which will be delivered later in the year. Even though the space seems full and abundant, there is always space for a few more plants. There really does seem to be no limit to the yield that even a small area can generate with a little imagination and hard work.

Thinking about layered planting can help you grow more fruit, and you can grow a surprising bounty even in a small amount of space.

Of course, I am lucky to make my walled orchard area, which I have turned into a fruit filled forest garden. But even if you do not have as much space as I do, there are still plenty of ways to grow more fruit in less space.

Choosing dwarf fruit trees and training trees into compact forms can be good ways to increase a yield of fruit. And small trees, fruiting shrubs and cane fruits can all be grown in small spaces – even in containers as long as you choose appropriate ones.

If you would like some help to turn your garden, however small it may be and no matter where you live, into a fruit-filled haven, or would like some help with plant selection, please do get in touch. I can offer hourly consultancy, or a full design for your property. Now is a good time to think about and order fruit trees and other fruiting perennials to plant over the dormant period.

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