Case Study: Turkey Permaculture Plan

This plan outlines an approach for a planned goose farm in the vicinity of Digor, in Eastern Anatolia in Turkey. This area experiences winters equivalent to USDA zone 5.

I have suggested an agroforestry approach, for the pasturing of meat birds for 7 months each year between climate and soil appropriate fruit trees and other planting. These geese will be moved through a rotational grazing system on seven silvo-pasture and crop fields across the c. 8.43 acre site.

After careful analysis of the site and its topography, I have recommended how and where elements of the water systems should be set up to provide water throughout the farm, in cisterns/tanks, water access points and three large ponds for the birds and for wildlife. Stone walls should be created using natural material on site to form walls between each of the distinct areas of the farm.

Of course, this is just the broad concept plan, from which we can proceed to develop detailed planting plans. I delivered this along with a suggested plan for initial implementation.

If you are interested in learning more about this design, or would like a silvo-pasture/ agroforestry plan for your own property, please do get in touch.

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