Opportunities on Reclaimed Urban Sites

Removing areas of concrete, asphalt or paving in under-utilised urban sites opens up a range of opportunities to create climate-change conscious gardens at the heart of our cities.

Not only does the removal of urban greyness allow for city re-greening, and more effective water management, the materials removed from the site can often also be used in its reconstruction.

Using broken concrete, rubble, hardcore etc. can often yield interesting results, and aid in the creation of interesting, drought-tolerant gardens. Using these materials in landscaping and design can be a good way to keep them from landfill, while also using them to make environments which enrich rather than detracting from their surroundings.

Where authorities do not make moves towards city greening, citizens often have to take matters into their own hands, and use their voices to make things happen. So if you see an area in your city that you believe should be de-paved and improved, why not find out who you can talk to to make it happen?

Working with authorities might not always be easy. But if communities come together and make their voices heard, change can happen – and more quickly than you might think.

Tomorrow, I will share a case study – a design for an urban garden which is to be created on the site of an old car park area in England. This project is coming about due to the concerted efforts of local activists. So maybe, wherever you live, you could do something similar in your own area? If you believe I can help you achieve your goals, please reach out for my help.

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