Case Study: Mediterranean Agroforestry Community

This is the initial concept plan for an exciting 22 acre property in southern France, in a Mediterranean climate zone. There is an existing farmhouse, with a gite, ruined barn and existing walled kitchen garden which is overgrown and disused. Behind the farmhouse are several fields of grape vines which are also in need of renovation and to the east and up on a rise to the north east are rough pasturage (currently unused) and some patches of native woodland.

The concept involves the creation of round eco-cabins for a small community, who will manage this land together and forge a series of micro-businesses.

Food production will be maximised through expansion of native woodlands, food producing forest gardens, a silvo-pasture system with goats, sheep and chickens and additional vineyards (one of the clients has an interest in viticulture and plans to cultivate some experimental vines).

Water flow on the south facing slopes of the hill on the land will be managed through terracing (on steeper slope) and swales (where the slope is less pronounced further down). And fruit and vegetable production will be maximised around and to the north of the residential cabins. The topography of the site has been carefully considered and the plan aims to maximise production by working with the shapes and forms of the existing landscape.

This is the concept plan for an ongoing project. I may share a few more details of this design over the coming weeks. But if you are particularly interested in this concept, and would like to know more, or would like a something similar for your own property, please do get in touch.

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