Lilac in the Garden

Today we spent some time relaxing in the sunshine enjoying the scent of the lilacs close by. We really enjoy the look and smell of the lilacs in the garden. There are two mature lilac trees on the border of the back garden which were here when we moved in. One is a lilac lilac and one is white.

The only thing about lilac is that it is only in bloom over a very short period. It really only graces the garden for a few weeks before the flowers fade. But I like to extend the season by ‘capturing’ the scent of the lilacs in an infused oil.

I add the lilac to an almond oil, and have previously then used the infused oil to make several different balms and perfumes. I have not tried this myself yet, though an essential oil can also be distilled from the flowers.

Lilac flowers are also edible, and can be used to make fragrant fritters, or in certain other recipes.

Lilac, interestingly, is also a useful dye plant. The leaves yield browns and greens and the twigs yield a brownish-orange dye. So though it only flowers over a relatively short period, it can be a good addition to the garden throughout the year.

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