Make a Pledge for World Environment Day

Be part of the restoration generation. Today, many from diverse backgrounds came together for World Environment Day – kickstarting the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

This is not just about raising awareness. The goal is to turn a desire to do the right thing into real and tangible action. Every action matters. So make a pledge today to keep up actions in your daily life to restore degraded systems around you and make a real difference.

Today is also a day to take heart in what is being done, around the world. And to see hope in what it is possible for us to achieve in the next ten years. We can take a stand and be part of the progress that is being made in some areas. We can refuse to accept it when governments, businesses or others are not acting in the best interests of natural environments. However much you already do, there is always more to be done.

If you need some help with design for an ecosystem restoration project, or just some pointers about how to proceed with a planned project, please get in touch.

No case study this week because I am taking a break from work. My husband and I are tired after a busy week working on our barn conversion, and will also be working on that next week. But I am still around to answer any questions, and will be back working on designs after the 14th.

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