Managing Rainwater Runoff in City Gardens

Don’t let rainwater pour away down the drain – re-green your neighbourhood with a rain garden instead.

Many organic gardeners are already collecting the rainwater that falls on their roofs. (And if you are not already doing so, this should be a top priority.) But fewer gardeners and home owners take the time to consider the rainwater that runs off their driveway, or other hard, paved areas on their properties. Often, this water simply flows off the drive and into the road, where it is often taken away through municipal drains.

Thinking about what happens to this water, however, is important if you want to make as big a difference as possible. It can be beneficial to keep water around in your garden, to reduce irrigation needs and prevent flooding and drought. It can also be beneficial to stop that (potentially polluted) runoff from ending up in municipal drainage systems, and/or flowing into our seas and oceans.

Managing water more effectively through drive-side planting and in city gardens can make a big difference ecologically. Not only will it prevent issues downstream. The planting placed in a rain garden can also provide many other benefits – and play a key role in greening our urban environments. It can be beneficial for city wildlife, and also make the city a more pleasant place for people to be.

In many larger cities, authorities are increasingly implementing green water management schemes along roadsides and in public parks. But city dwellers can also take things into their own hands.

If you have a front garden, or an area next to a driveway in front of your home, this could potentially become a flourishing rain garden. If you would like to talk about a design of this sort, please do get in touch.

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