Sustainable Living – What Needs To Change as We Return to ‘Normal’?

Today, due to underlying health conditions, I will be receiving my second vaccination. I will be heading out for that shortly. Of course, for most people globally, there will be no return to any form of normal for quite some time to come. I realise even more at times like these how lucky I am to live here in a privileged part of the world.

But no matter whether things are still bad where you live, or your world is gradually beginning to open back up, it is important for all of us to take this chance to reflect on the things in our normal lives which need to change. And to take steps to move towards sustainable living – in every part of our lives.

Large queues that have formed outside cheap high-street clothing stores as restrictions have lifted here in the UK show that for many – the message about the true cost of these low-cost clothes has failed to alter the behaviour of many. And there are many other examples of people leaping at the change to buy or do something as soon as they are able.

No matter how sustainable your previous life may have been, as our worlds open up, we need to make sure we do not readopt harmful practices and consumption as we clamour to regain what we have missed. Instead of rushing to buy in ways which props up harmful systems, we need to make sure we support small-scale, sustainable products and businesses.

  • Shop local, eat local, sustainable season produce (grow your own).
  • Refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle.
  • Buy less, buy better.

These three things are just the beginning – but they can be a good place to start…

It is natural that people are feeling optimistic, especially if they have received or will soon receive a vaccine. But we will not truly be able to move forward from this crisis until everyone, globally, receives the same opportunities. And we must not fall back into old ways. Don’t let old habits re-emerge. Make new ones to live more sustainably moving forward.

If you would like some help to develop a sustainable living plan for yourself and your family, or simply some advice, please do get in touch.

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