Maximising Photosynthesis With Living Paths

As you plan your garden, pathways are easily overlooked. It is important to choose the right path options for the right places. In permaculture, the focus is often on maximising the potential of the space, and making the most of your own time by positioning pathways and garden elements efficiently. But it is also important to think about what your paths are made from.

There are of course a great many different path materials to consider. You might, for example, think about wood chip. (I use wood chip shredded on site to make and refresh the pathways in my forest garden.) You might also consider plenty of other natural or reclaimed materials.

But one thing you might not have considered is creating your pathways with living plants. I talk about this in my recent article for Treehugger:

Planting Ideas for Garden Paths and Walkways

There are of course many benefits to considering the use of plants which can tolerate some foot traffic, or being stepped on everyone once in while. You can use them to protect bare pathways, or to enhance an existing gravel or stepping stone path, for example.

Even if you think your garden is already fit to burst with plants – pathways may be one area you have overlooked.

If you would like some help to come up with path or walkway ideas for your property, I would be happy to help. I can offer consultancy on this specific element of garden design, or incorporate ideas as part of a more comprehensive permaculture plan. If you are keen to make the most of your garden, and maximise photosynthesis over every inch, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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