Things You Don’t Have to Buy if You Have a Garden

Food is not the only resource a garden can provide.

Even those of us who have gardens and tend them do not always use them to their full potential. A garden is an amazing resource. And when you have a garden, it can make it a lot easier to reduce your consumption and live in a more sustainable way.

So, today, I thought I would share a quick list of some of the many things that you do not necessarily have to buy if you have a garden:

If you have a garden, there is the potential to avoid buying:

  • Fresh fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs. Growing your own at home might not feed you entirely. But you can certainly cut down on the amount of food you have to buy. Of course, this also cuts down on the plastic waste you bring into your home. And helps you withdraw your support for damaging agricultural systems.
  • Resources for growing your own. A garden can be a closed loop system. By composting, mulching, and using plants for liquid plant feeds etc. you can avoid buying inputs for your growing areas. Natural materials can be used in a wide range of ways to create and maintain your garden.
  • Cleaning products (for yourself and your home). If you grow the right plants, you do not need to buy many commercial cleaning products, and can often avoid them entirely.
  • Beauty products. Again, there are a range of herbs, flowers and other plants that can be used in a natural beauty regime, and you can grow them in your garden. And of course, getting outside and engaging in healthy activities in a natural setting can give you a healthy glow, without resorting to any commercial products!
  • Baskets, frames, boxes, candle holders, decorations… and many more items for your home. Natural resources can be used to make all of these household items and more. With some time and ingenuity, you might even be able to use plant fibres for paper and textiles – even to make your own clothes!

Of course, these are just a few examples. But they illustrate just how much an ordinary garden can provide when we are trying to live in a more sustainable way.

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