Case Study: Formal French Potager Style Garden

I think there is an impression that in a permaculture garden, nothing can be straight or orderly. But in this design which I created for a client in Idaho who wanted a more formal and neat design, you can see that earth-friendly design and methodologies can be implemented in different styles.

In the notes provided along with this design image, I gave the client suggestions as to creating the beds (using lasagna bed, no dig methods). And also suggested contents for each bed – including main crops and companion plants.

The edge areas are designed not just for visual appeal, but also to improve biodiversity, and make it easier to garden in an organic way. They should draw in plenty of beneficial wildlife.

While, personally, my preference is for a wilder and more natural look, not all sustainable gardens need to look the same. I am glad to make suggestions, but also happy to go with a clients wishes as to the overall look and feel of their garden.

The client in this case loves the sun, and was reluctant to plant too many trees which would create too much shade. By suggesting a line of pleached fruit trees, I aimed to show how trees could be included without turning the space into a fully fledged woodland or forest.

Bringing permaculture into all gardens involves embracing a range of different styles. I hope to speak with you soon to discuss your preferences and requirements, and see how I can help.

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