Managing Time Effectively in a Busy Gardening Period

April is one of the busiest times in the gardening year where I live. And it is the same for many others too. There are so many seeds to sow this month, others to pot on or harden off and plant out, perennials to plant out and some to divide, general garden maintenance jobs, and, of course, some harvesting of spring salad crops too.

Many new gardeners feel a little overwhelmed when the gardening year kicks off in earnest around the last frost date. But over time, I have realised that the key to managing time effectively during a busy gardening period is to remain calm, collected, and as organised as possible.

  • Make lists of garden jobs.
  • Try to determine which jobs are highest priority, and must be done as soon as possible, and which can wait until next month.
  • Think about what time you have available. (For me, most bigger jobs must be managed on weekends.)
  • Set goals for the weekend/each segment of free time. Be realistic about which tasks you are likely to be able to tick off your list during each time period.
  • Work your way methodically through each job, ticking off each one on your list.

One important thing to remember is that there is some flexibility in a garden. Most plants will do just fine, for example, if you sow or plant a week or two later than planned. Don’t beat yourself up if certain jobs fall by the wayside, a few extra weeds pop up here and there, or you take longer to do something than you imagined. No gardener is perfect. Just as no garden will ever be ‘perfect’. Things are in a constant state of change and it is important to stay relaxed.

If you would like some help to get organised, make your plans and bring ideas for your garden to life, please do get in touch. Having a full permaculture plan and an implementation schedule should help you stay organised – even through the busiest of times.

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