Case Study: Family Garden Planting Plan

This is a portion of a recent project in Georgia, US, that might be of interest to some other home gardeners. This was a suggested design for polyculture beds to maximise productivity in an area of approximately 60 x 30ft. The goal was to produce plenty of annual/biennial crops in addition to cut flowers for the client and their family. This is a small part of a larger design, from which I may share other details in future.

Of course, there is also plenty of perennial planting on other parts of the property. This is designed as the kitchen garden for the family. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that this idea is exactly transferrable to all gardens. Remember that each garden is different, and designs will be different for each. But even if you do not have as much space, you might be able to take some ideas from this design.

Each bed is divided into three separate sections, each around 4ft wide. To make sure that compaction is avoided and there is no need to stand on the lasagna beds.

Flowering plants are interspersed with the typical fruit and vegetable crops, rather than being grown in a separate area.

And companion planting aids throughout in providing shade for other plants.

Crucially, the soil remains covered at all times, slowly improving the land over time.

If you would like a planting plan for your garden, please do note that I can help you with this even if you do not need a full permaculture plan for your property. If you are interested in this please get in touch, and I will send you a list of questions so I can tailor the plans to you and your site.

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