How To Make Bench Bed Edging For a Raised Bed

Making a bench bed edging for a raised bed can be one way to make the most of your space for food production and relaxation. So here are some potential ideas to help you create this type of raised bed edging:

Create A Bench Seat From Reclaimed Timber

One simple way to make bench seating is to create a timber frame sides for a raised bed a little longer than you want them, then secure further reclaimed wood plants across the top. As long as the bed edges are at a comfortable height for sitting, and the construction is strong, this can work very well and be relatively simple to construct.

Make A Bench From Logs

Another idea, if you have plenty of logs on your property, is to use some logs laid either horizontally or vertically. Doubling up and perhaps laying a half log on top can make a comfortable bench along the edge of a bed.

Build a Low Stone Wall

A low stone wall can make excellent bed edging. And it can also double as a bench as long as there are flat stones on top. This is a great option, especially if you have reclaimed stones or natural stones from the land to use. And of course, as the image above shows – you don’t have to build square.

Create Some Gabions With a Reclaimed Wood Top

Natural stones from your land could also be used to create gabions (cages made with reclaimed wire/mesh filled with rocks, stones, or other materials). This will contain the soil/ growing medium in the bed and can also be topped with reclaimed wood planks to make a more comfortable seat.

Make A Bench From Cob/ Abobe or Earth Bags

You can also sculpt interesting shaped beds using cob, adobe or earth bags. The organic forms you can make in this way can be used as benches as is in certain climates, or topped with a wooden top where necessary.

These are just a few ideas that you might like to consider in your own garden.

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