Tips For Small Space Gardeners

Those who were interested by my last case study may also be interested in this article I wrote for those who are tackling the problem of lack of space:

How To Get the Most From a Small Garden

Of course, my goal here is not to give a ‘one size fits all’ solution, but rather to provide a few tips to help people think a little differently, perhaps, and maximise the yields they are able to achieve when growing their own in small spaces.

The tips I provide are in no way meant to be exhaustive. But they should give a starting point and might, perhaps, spark off some new and positive ideas and renew a gardener’s enthusiasm for their small space garden.

In gardening, I think it is important to get the balance right between being rigorous, scientific and methodical, and being more free and creative with your ideas. Make small changes, and if they don’t work, reverse them. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things in your garden – no matter how large or small it may be.

I am lucky enough to have quite a large garden overall. But even if you have a larger garden, like me, you will find that there are often still spaces that you could make more of. Space matters to me most in my polytunnel, and I have implemented a number of ideas over the years to grow more in it.

If you have a small garden and would like a design to help you make the most of it. Or want to learn how you can increase yield in a smaller area of a larger space, contact me to discuss your requirements. I would be happy to complete a design, or offer consultancy to help you bring your own designs to life.

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