Case Study: Market Garden Permaculture Design

This is a design for a 1/2 acre market garden. As you might expect, the primary goal for this design is to grow a range of edible produce for household use and for sale. One challenge is that the site is not grid connected, so water and energy were top priorities.

This design is a little different as the site is a brownfield site – in essence entirely empty, so the design involves starting from scratch. Native planting on the north and east of the property are a priority, to screen views and re-establish vegetation.

Of course, the home and office will be constructed, and paths built. But the paths will be created only after groundworks have been laid for water and power. Solar panels on the roof of the house and office will connect to battery storage in the home, and also power lighting in the polytunnel for year-round growing.

Rainwater harvesting will be another top priority. Filtration will allow water to be used inside the home, as well as for crops etc.. Pipes laid under the pathways will integrate with a drip irrigation system for the polytunnel and annual beds.

The home will have a wrap around porch, which will be the focus of sustainable living. There will be dining space for evenings to the west side of the property.

Around the home, there will be four main zones for annual food production, in addition to the polytunnel. To the north and east of the site, a number of fruit trees (with forest garden underplanting) will provide additional yields.

If you are interested in market gardening, I would be glad to discuss your own requirements, and discuss further details from this design on plant choices, methods and other elements of the system. Please do feel free to get in touch.

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