DIY Garden Projects To Take on Over Winter

Wattle fence bed edging.

As autumn progresses and colder weather arrives, there might not be quite as much work to do in your garden on plant care. So you might have the luxury of a little more time to spend on other DIY garden projects.

I thought that today, I would suggest a few DIY garden projects that you might like to take on over the winter months. Of course, there is plenty of bare-root planting you could do. But here are some other practical garden projects you might like to take on:

Set Up A Rainwater Harvesting System if You Don’t Have One Already

Getting good systems in place for managing water on your property might be a great thing to do over the winter months. Add butts or barrels to guttering and pipes on your home. Or if you already collect rainwater, think about where they water could go. Consider adding pipework to direct water to drip irrigation where it is needed. Direct water into a new hydroponic or aquaponic system. Or have the water flow into a new garden pond or other water feature to bring wildlife to your garden…

Create New Garden Beds or Bed Edging

If you want to make new growing areas or raised beds in your garden to plant up next spring, winter could be a good time to mark out and put your bed edging in place. There are plenty of different natural and reclaimed materials that you could use to make the new garden structures.

Create New Walls or Fences

Winter could be a good time to take on jobs that you might not have had the time for over the summer months. New walls or fences can be made cheaply and sustainably using natural materials or materials that might otherwise have been thrown away.

Make New Plant Supports Ready For Spring

You can make your own trellises, obelisks, cages or other supports over the winter, so you will have them ready for next year. Again, use natural or reclaimed materials whenever you can.

Of course, there are plenty of other DIY garden projects to take on. The key thing is to keep moving forward. Keep busy and spend plenty of time outdoors, even when the weather is cold, and plan and prepare for an abundant garden next year.

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