The Benefits of Forest Gardening

Forest gardening is one of my specialities. I have turned a mature garden on my own property into a forest garden, and design forest gardens for others around the world.

Many people are starting new gardens right now. When most people get started, they tend to focus on creating a traditional vegetable patch or kitchen garden. But I wanted to take a moment to mention the benefits of forest gardening – an alternative way of growing your own to consider for your garden.

Forest gardening is all about creating a garden that mimics a natural forest. It is a great way to grow more food with less effort. Check out one of my articles on the topic through the link to learn more.

My own forest garden is a thriving and abundant system, and one that is constantly evolving over time. In an organic, permaculture garden, we embrace and adapt to change. Though I also grow food in annual polycultures outdoors and in a polytunnel, my forest garden is my favourite part of my property.

Here are a few images of my forest garden right now:

Apple tree, Elaeagnus, gooseberries, ground elder etc…
Comfrey – one of the most important plants in the system.
Redcurrant bush in flower.
Plum blossom over a chicken coop.
An interesting edible – Good King Henry

Forest gardens can be wild and practically self-sustaining, yet they can provide an abundance of food and other resources. If you would like to learn more about creating a forest garden where you live – do feel free to get in touch.

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