The Forest Garden in August

This is a time of abundance in the forest garden. Yesterday, we began to harvest some apples. Different apple varieties will continue to ripen in succession over the next month or two. And the plums are ripening up. They are not ready yet, but will be at some point next month. It is interested toContinue reading “The Forest Garden in August”

A Plum Job – Getting Ready to Process Plums

In our forest garden, we have a mature plum tree laden with plums. While there are still a couple of weeks or so before they are ripe, I thought I’d take a little time to share how I make the most of our plum tree’s fruits. First of all, if you have a plum treeContinue reading “A Plum Job – Getting Ready to Process Plums”

Fruit Trees For a Temperate Climate

As I watch the fruits ripen on the trees in our own forest garden, I thought this would be a good time to explore the various fruit tree options for a temperate climate garden. Of course, the best trees for your own specific garden will depend on: Your climate zone and the micro-climate in yourContinue reading “Fruit Trees For a Temperate Climate”