Gardening Helps Fight the Winter Blues

Do you tend to get down as the night’s draw in? Gardening or preparing to garden could help.

In winter, as the nights draw in, it is easy to feel despondent. You may sometimes get the feeling that things have stalled. Taking on a gardening project can help you avoid that slumped winter feeling – giving you purpose and a sense of drive over the coldest months.

Even when plants in your garden are dormant, there is still a lot going on. Getting outside when the sun shines, even when it is cold, can boost the mood and help you regain a lost connection to the natural world. It can help combat seasonal affective disorder and stop you from feeling down. Simply observing nature up close can help you see that life goes on.

If you have an outside space, think about getting ready for planting come spring. Make preparing for spring planting a reason to get outdoors into your garden. With that goal in mind, you should find it easier to balance your mood. Preparing for spring sowing means you will have something to aim for and work towards.

As well as giving you a sense of purpose and drive, taking steps to start your own sustainable garden can make you feel good. You’ll gain a sense of satisfaction from anticipating doing the right thing for people and planet in the months to come. Growing your own in an organic and sustainable way can help you feel less helpless in our changing world.

Of course, you do not have to wait for spring to start growing. Even if you don’t have any outside space you can grow your own on a sunny windowsill. If you purchase a polytunnel or greenhouse, or make your own undercover growing area, you might even do more sowing and growing right away. And there may also be plenty of options for planting trees and shrubs bare-root over the winter months.

Getting started with home growing, or preparing and planning for your garden could be a great way to combat the winter blues.

If you would like help to get started, or to improve your existing garden before spring arrives, please do get in touch for design or consultancy.

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