Prepare Now to Protect Plants From Winter Frost

I would not be without my polytunnel for winter growing. Now is a time when I check this structure over, and make sure everything is ready and secure to see my winter crops and overwintering crops through the colder months to come.

Winter is not here yet, but it really is just around the corner. Before autumn is over, this is a good time to make sure everything is in order and you have the features in place that will protect plants from winter frost, snows and other inclement conditions.

This recent article: 7 Ways to Protect Plants from Winter Frost, is a simple introduction that could remind you of some of the strategies you could adopt.

Of course, where you live and the conditions there will determine exactly how much protection your plants might need, the the best strategies for you.

I can help you make sure your plants are protected where necessary, and also help you create a beautiful winter garden. If you need some help to plan your winter garden, or design a garden that looks good year round wherever you live, please do get in touch.

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