Adapt and Thrive: Are You A Climate Conscious Gardener?

Many of the approaches I take in my garden and in my daily life are all about mitigating the impacts of climate change. But adaptation is also extremely important. As well as doing my best to reduce carbon emissions and increase sequestration, I am also very aware of the need to adapt to the inevitable changes that climate change will now almost certainly bring.

Being a climate conscious gardener is not just about trying not to contribute to the climate crisis, it also involves being realistic about the changes that climate change will bring. We do still have time to turn some things around.

But we have to be aware that even if we stopped burning all fossil fuels right now, things are still changing, and will continue to change due to the damage that has already been done. Some changes that will have a huge impact on people (and gardens) are already ‘locked in’.

Being aware of that fact, however, does not mean by any means that we should give up. After all, things could still get a whole lot worse. What it does mean is that we need to prepare.

Already, many gardeners are experiencing the results of our climate crisis first hand. Flooding, droughts, wildfires, extreme weather events… these things are not going to get better in the coming years. Being realistic about that means that we can make sure we are more resilient, more ready, better prepared.

We as gardeners can design, plant and manage our gardens in ways which make them more resilient to a changing planet, and better able to withstand the changes that will come. Gardeners should always think long term, and adaptation to our changing climate should be a key gardening goal.

Wherever you live, ask yourself, are you a climate conscious gardener? Do you know what to expect? And do you know how to create a garden that can help you adapt and thrive? If you would like my help to create a resilient garden for where you live, and one that will help you adapt to the changes to come, please do get in touch.

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