Soil Health and Fungal Ecology

A lot of people have been talking about fungi recently – some introduced to the topic by a recent documentary film. Fungi are amazing organisms and we should pay them more attention – for a range of reasons.

Fungal ecology is important in a garden, but it is an element which is often overlooked. A recent article of mine in Treehugger talks about How I Enhance Fungal Ecology in My Garden (as well as why this is something that it is important to think about.

I am not a scientist and by no means an expert in fungi or fungal ecology, but I am always seeking to learn more about this fascinating topic, and have learned a lot over the years about the importance of fungi, the various roles they play in a garden, and how to protect and enhance the ecosystem to allow beneficial fungi to thrive.

Whether you are familiar with soil biology and know a lot about the rhizosphere in your garden, or are a complete beginner – I urge you to think about fungi more, and delve a little deeper into this interesting topic.

You don’t need to be an expert to find small solutions to help create a natural balance in your garden, so all the elements in the ecosystem work together as a harmonious whole.

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