World National Bee Day

Bee kind. Think about bees and the crucial role they play in pollination and our ecosystems, and take steps to attract and protect native bees in your garden.

Large or small, you can make your garden into a haven for bees. Make sure that you garden organically and don’t use any polluting chemicals that harm honey bees and other pollinators. This World Bee Day you could also:

  • Forgo mowing the lawn ā€“ leave wildflowers to flourish.

Sustainable Alternatives to Garden Lawns

  • Plant or sow some flowering plants that bees will love. (Try to provide blooms that will provide nectar for bees all year round.)

Top Spring Flowers for Bees

  • Make sure there is a water source for bees in your garden. (A garden pond with a shallow, pebble beach area at one side is ideal ā€“ the pebbles in shallow water will allow bees to get water safely.)
  • Buy or make a suitable ‘bee hotel’ for solitary bees to make their home.
  • Provide habitats suitable for different types of bees native to your area.

These are just some of the things you could do this National Bee Day to help protect the bees. How will you bee helping?

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