Case Study: Community Hub

This is a design for a brownfield site in an inner city area in the UK (USDA Zone 8). To the north and east are apartment buildings and there is an existing car park to the north east. To the west and south are busy roads, major conduits through a busy residential area. The area is not currently in use, and this plan aims to reclaim the site for the use of the local community. The entire site is approximately 1.2 acres.

The major goals for the project are to create a recreational space for the use of diverse inhabitants of the area. It is to be open to anyone in the area, but will be predominantly utilised by community groups, including a youth group, a sustainability co-operative, a group for those with mental illness, and a rehabilitation scheme. The goal is to welcome and attract those of all ages and abilities.

As you can see from the plans above, major components of the design include edible food production zones, a herb garden, a large sensory garden, a playground, small place for younger kids to ride bikes and skate off-road, and spaces for den building and nature play, a community kitchen and cafe, and a community centre. The community centre will be used in many diverse ways and will help foster a strong sense of community.

If you would like to develop a similar plan for a community project in your area, please do get in touch. Like many inner city areas, this area has a range of social problems, which this plan seeks to address. Hubs like these can help to rehabilitate areas, and create strong, resilient and sustainable communities. What councils and authorities fail to do, communities can take into their own hands.

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