Case Studies: Looking Back on a Year of Progress

It has been a year since I set up and started posting on this website, and I am glad to look back on all the designs and projects I have worked on in the last year. Though this has of course been a difficult year for many of us, there have been plenty of reasons to be positive.

Working in permaculture and sustainability, I have been heartened to see a rise in interest. Many people have been asking themselves hard questions – perhaps questions that they have not asked themselves before. They are looking for answers, and in some small ways, I have been privileged to help in providing them.

I have been excited to see many of the projects I have designed or helped with coming to life. And I have been inspired by the desire, will and drive to generate positive change that I have seen through this challenging year.

From individual garden sites, large and small, to farms and woodlands, market gardens and community projects – many people are doing all they can to heal and regenerate the land, and our societies.

I take on a wide range of projects, and when I can, try to take on work for those who cannot afford the fees. But like most people, I do have bills to pay. And so I cannot always take on as many pro bono projects as I would like. I therefore ask for donations to enable me to spend time on designs for those who cannot afford the usual fees. If you would like to help, I would very much appreciate it if you would make a donation through this website, or by contacting me directly through this site.

I have a couple of ongoing projects at the moment, and exciting projects in the pipeline, including a large-scale project in Cambodia. And look forward to continuing by work in design and in raising awareness in the year to come.

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