Trellis That Becomes Undercover Growing Space in Winter

I thought today that I would share a simple idea which can help gardeners in colder climate zones extend their growing season affordably. The idea is simply to create a trellis framework over two garden beds, with a path between them, which can become an undercover growing area in winter, when covered over with polytunnel plastic, which can be reused over a number of years and recycled at the end of its useful life.

One simple way to create the trellis structure is with cattle panels. These form arches over the two beds, with a path between them. They are held in place by reclaimed wood outer bed edging on the two beds. The beds can be filled using the usual method used to make ‘lasagna’ no dig beds.

At the ends of this arch structure, reclaimed wooden frames between the two beds can create doorways to walk through. These also provide extra support for the structure.

In summer, climbing plants like cucumbers, beans, squash, pumpkins and more can be trained over the trellis. Then, in fall, the trellis can be covered and overwintering crops can be added into the space. This flexible idea is good for areas with warm to hot summers and cold winters, giving greater flexibility than a polytunnel or greenhouse which stands year-round.

If you are interested in more DIY ideas to help you garden successfully where you live, or would like more details on the idea briefly outlined above, please do get in touch.

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